Kenworth T680


Kenworth’s T680 is a true game changer in the business of running trucks at a profit. Aggressive aerodynamic design. A fully integrated, highly efficient PACCAR Powertrain. Uptime engineering that results in an unmatched work ethic. Plus a level of luxury, craftsmanship and intuitive control that makes the T680 The Driver’s Truck™ — a factor that helps every Kenworth fleet attract and retain the industry’s best operators.Start with the most highly evolved aerodynamic long-haul tractor, the Kenworth T680. Add special factory-installed aerodynamic enhancements for the tractor that combine to reduce drag to an absolute minimum. Optimize the powertrain
with the fuel efficient PACCAR MX-13 engine, PACCAR transmission and PACCAR drive axles. Incorporate Kenworth’s Idle
Management System, which eliminates the need to run the truck for off-duty temperature control. And integrate real-time
reporting technology to help the driver run in the sweet spot for maximum fuel efficiency. Kenworth luxury, craftsmanship,
reliability and driver satisfaction also come as part of the deal.


  • Standard Vantage Interior
  • T680 MX Hood – 119” BBC
  • Nav+ HD
  • Central locking
  • Bendix Wingman® Fusion
  • Stability Control
  • Driver Performance Assistant
  • Predictive Cruise Control
  • Aerodynamic, In-Mold Color
  • Wheels – Steel 22.5″
  • RH Under Fairing DPF/SCR with Horizontal Tailpipe
  • PACCAR Automated Transmission 12-Speed
  • 76-Inch High-Roof Aerodyne Sleeper
  • Folding Upper Bunk
  • Ultra Capacitor Starting Module
  • Auto Start/Stop


As beautiful as this truck is, it’s even more satisfying to drive. One look and you know: A Kenworth T680 is The Driver’s Truck™. Its bold, sweeping lines wrap a world-class cabin equal to fine automobiles where groundbreaking technology and true ergonomic comfort elevate the driving experience while reducing fatigue. Where space, elegant design, fine craftsmanship and an abundance of luxury details define the environment and where drivers can feel completely at home wherever the road might take them. To drive a truck efficiently, drivers must track fuel, vehicle and safety systems performance on the go. But good information isn’t the only thing the Kenworth Driver Performance Center offers. The quality, clarity and visual in real-time presentation also mean a lot when you’re focused on the road. The 5-inch full color, high resolution screen is an industry first. At a glance, it tells you everything you need to know about operating in the sweet spot between performance and efficiency. Truck diagnostics and performance indicators pop up to alert the driver. Trip details and multiroute comparisons allow them to maximize performance every day.


Paccar mx-13: all the power you need in a durable, productive, high-performance solution for demanding applications, heavy or highway hauling, the 12.9 liter PACCAR MX-13 engine offers all the power and durability you need to move maximum loads more productively. The PACCAR MX-13 delivers consistent power and torque across a wide operating range — up to 510 horsepower with 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque. Fine-tuned to your precise operating requirements, this engine gives you more flexibility, more low-end power, higher fuel efficiency and a greatly enhanced driving experience.

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Cylinders 6
Displacement 13L
Horsepower 455
RPM 900
Torque 1650
Engine PACCAR MX 13
Year 2020
Sleeper 76” SLEEPER
Drive AWD
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Grey
Front Axle MERITOR MFS13
Wheel Base 236
Engine Warranty 2 Year Base
Transmission Warranty Base
Rear Axle Warranty Base
Fuel Tank 120 gal 110 gal
HP Rating 455
Transmission Model EATON AMT LSM
Exhaust Dual
Front Axle Make Meritor
Front Axle Model MFS13
Front Axle Rating 13.2K
Rear Axle Make Meritor
Rear Axle Model MT40
Rear Axle Ratio 3.42
Rear Axle Rating 40K
Rear Axle Suspension AG400L 52″
Front Tires 11R 22.5
Rear Tires 11R 22.5
Vin 961443